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PATRIOT PET PRODUCTS is a family-owned company committed to offering only the finest natural dog treats produced in the USA. Our healthy treats are sourced only from grass-fed cattle and all natural pork, and they have no artificial additives or chemicals that are harmful to your dog. Each product is hand inspected to make sure your dog is getting only the healthiest, tastiest treat.

These are a really good product! They are a great size for a large breed!

Mackie Gilmore
December 9, 2016

I have bought this sticks over and over for my dog, they last a lot longer than the ones I was buying in the store. Great quality and fast shipping.

Rachel Brick
December 7, 2016

Perfect. USA made! Our dogs love them!

December 7, 2016

My dogs love these bullysticks! They are mostly substantial pieces with a few lighter weight ones mixed in. Very please with the purchase.

December 6, 2016

These are the best bully sticks. My dogs loved them – they are true to size and excellent quality. I will definitely buy again.

Bonnie Krupa
November 11, 2016

My dogs LOVE these treats. They are both shepherd so the treats don’t last long and I love the fact that they are USA made.

December 9, 2016

These are the “go to” for my pups’ chewing pleasure. They are fairly consistent in size (90% are thick, the rest regular or thin). No bad GI reactions from these, unlike the South American imports. Overall, great product.

Kat B
December 6, 2016

These are our go to bully sticks and have bought them over and over. The dogs can’t get enough of them!

Alison Lane
December 4, 2016

100% Natural Dog Treats

You'll feel good knowing our treats are low fat, protein rich, and 100% digestible. They're also 100% natural, in contrast to chemically-treated products such as rawhides that can take ages to digest, invite bacteria growth and even present a choking hazard.

All our bully sticks are inspected and approved by USDA/FDA and national food inspection authorities, and they come from free-range, grass-fed beef.

We only use free-range, grass-fed beef


100% Natural Products

No artificial additives or harmful chemicals are in our pet products

USDA/FDA Approved

Approved by USDA/FDA, we only use grass-fed cattle and all natural pork

Made in USA

Proudly supplying products made in USA that your dog will love

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bully sticks safe to give puppies?

Yes, bully sticks are fully digestible so they make a great treat for puppies especially when they are teething-because they satisfy their need to chew.

Can bully sticks give my dog loose stools?

Yes, just like changing your dog’s food can. If you do not not give your dogs bully sticks that often and/or they have a sensitive digestive system, they could have a looser stool afterwards.

My dog has allergies, do your bullys contain any additives?

No, our bullys are 100% beef -nothing else. As long as your dog can tolerate beef, he/she should be not have any issues related to cheap fillers.

Are bully sticks supposed to have a funny smell?

YES by nature, they will have a bit of an unpleasant odor (that your dog will love), as we do NOT use any bleaching agents. However, a horrible smelling bully that lingers with a stench, is not normal.

Which size bullys should I order?

For dogs over 50lbs and aggressive chewers, we recommend our larger 12″ sizes. For smaller dogs or dogs that are not aggressive chewers, the 6″ seems to be an ample size for most. They are low in fat but NOT calorie-free, so if your dog is not super active, you may want to lessen his kibble if you feed them a larger stick.

How long are they supposed to last?

This can vary from this size bully you buy to the size dog you have. You also have to factor in whether your dog is a power chewer. So the answer is complex, but can be anywhere from several minutes to several days.

This is why we offer so many choices. Bully Sticks are not meant to last as long as antlers and bones, they are “tissue & muscle. Strong chewers can get through these in 20 minutes.

100% All Natural Treats Made In USA

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At Patriot Pet Products we know you'll find our bully sticks and dog treats to be of the highest quality but if you have any questions or concerns we'd love to hear from you.

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At Patriot Pet Products we've gone to great lengths to find low-calorie treats for canines of all sizes. Your puppy, adult or senior dog will enjoy hours of entertainment chewing and gnawing while also working on dental hygiene.


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